A Message from the Pastor

Fyodor Dostoevsky once wrote “Man adapts to anything, the scoundrel”, and I have found that to be true on numerous levels. In terms of the difficulties we can overcome and the struggles we adapt to, the human spirit is remarkable in its ability to quickly go from a task or situation being unbearable to it being just part of the job. The first time I looked at a finance report after I became pastor, I almost had a panic attack and crumpled into a pile of indecision. Now, I skim them for three minutes before finance meetings start and feel more than prepared to discuss the minutia of where money in the parish is going. That speaks to the indomitability of the human spirit. Less savory is the way we quickly become accustomed to incredible blessings that we should never stop thanking God for, and soon enough take them completely for granted. I do my best to offer prayers of thanksgiving after Mass and after receiving Holy Communion, but I still often find myself rushing off after Mass to the next thing/meeting/crisis. To allow the sacred to seem mundane in our hearts is a true tragedy, and one that we must constantly be on guard against.

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