From the Desk of Fr. Stegbauer

One of the reasons for doing Lenten disciplines—prayer, fasting, and almsgiving—is to help shed our spiritual blindness. I pray that your Lenten disciplines are bearing fruit for you and helping you to see the Messiah and His love for you more clearly. When the Resurrection comes, we pray that we may be able to see and know our Lord more clearly. However, our journey doesn’t end with Easter. While our Lenten disciplines may come to an end, Easter is still a time to rest with Jesus. That being said, I have an invitation for all of you.

From Fr. McCullough’s Desk

The strangest things we do in life generally need to be traced back to their origins in order to make sense. At some point in time a parent will inevitably look up and think something along the lines of “Why am I wrist deep in someone else’s poop?” or “Why am I watching these children play a sport I genuinely hate when they are not even remotely good at it?” and the answers only make sense when contextualized within the entirety of one’s vocation. I was made for love, God called me to this vocation, I loved this other person, and everything I do in the context of this family is because I love them, and I am genuinely interested in their human flourishing even more than I am invested in my own. Without that love, none of it really makes sense, but with that love, all of it and then some can be joyfully accepted and even embraced. People might not think of these things on the day of their wedding, but in God’s providence, we eventually are stretched and grow in love by the grace of God.

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