From the Desk of Fr. Stegbauer

One of the reasons for doing Lenten disciplines—prayer, fasting, and almsgiving—is to help shed our spiritual blindness. I pray that your Lenten disciplines are bearing fruit for you and helping you to see the Messiah and His love for you more clearly. When the Resurrection comes, we pray that we may be able to see and know our Lord more clearly. However, our journey doesn’t end with Easter. While our Lenten disciplines may come to an end, Easter is still a time to rest with Jesus. That being said, I have an invitation for all of you.

From the Desk of Fr. McCullough

More than half of Lent 2023 is officially in the books, so perhaps it’s time for a metaphorical locker room speech to get us fired up for finishing strong. Maybe you’ve had the best few Lenten weeks of your life, and you are getting more than usual out of our traditional practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. If that’s the case, good for you, keep up the good work, and imagine me giving a rousing discourse that encourages you to finish strong. The more likely scenario is that you have trailed off from your Lenten resolutions, and you are headed for a Lent where you went in like a lion but come out like a lamb, and not even a Paschal Lamb at that. If that’s the case, know that you are in good company, and there is still time to pick yourself up, embrace your Cross, and follow Jesus more closely. Our Lord is not to be outdone in generosity, and any efforts we make at renewing our commitment to loving Him more this Lent will not go unnoticed. Easter is on the line, and the more we commit to preparing our hearts for it now, the greater our joy will be at the Savior’s Resurrection. Go get ‘em in the second half.

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