Faith Formation for Children through 8th Grade

A Family of Faith

Parents registering children in the faith formation program are required to register and participate in A Family of Faith.

A Family of Faith consists of catechesis for the whole family. The program is comprised of both Instructional Sessions (catechesis session) and Community meetings. Please review the calendar for dates and times of each session.

The goal is to develop your home into a “domestic church” where the Catholic Identity is rooted in your family, not just through information, but through an authentic example of a love for God.

Instructional Session (catechesis session)
On the first Sunday of the month between the months of September and May**, children will go to their catechesis level sessions, while parents gather for a parent session. The parent session will walk through the topic and activities for the coming month. Parents will be equipped with the resources and knowledge needed to confidently explore that month’s lesson and catechize their children within their home. “Parents are the principal and first educators of their children.” (CCC 1653). You as parents, are and always will be your child’s best bet at understanding and maturing physically, emotionally, morally, and spiritually.

Children preparing to receive Sacraments will still participate in Sacramental Preparation sessions.

**For Holidays, we will meet on the second Sunday of the Month, please refer to the A Family of Faith calendar for specific dates.

Community Meetings
The second Community Meeting will help to fortify their Catholic Identity while offering a fun community building event. These Community Meetings will vary on dates, time, and location. They can be found on the Family of Faith Calendar for that year.

Program Fee
$50.00 per familyThis included materials for A Family of Faith and Sacramental preparation.
You can make your payment at the main office at Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenhills or Our Lady of the Valley in Reading.

(No family will be denied participation because of a financial hardship.)


for the A Family of Faith Calendar to register for A Family of Faith