Contribution Envelopes

The January through April 9th packet of contribution envelopes for our parish has been mailed to each registered household. If you have not yet received your packet, please notify the parish office.

In addition to weekly contribution envelopes, there are envelopes for other needs and purposes. Donations placed in the envelope marked “Initial Offering” will be used to offset the cost of envelope printing. The trip to the Tohatchi, New Mexico St. Mary’s Mission is partially funded through donations made in the St. Mary’s Mission envelope. Each registered parish household has a subscription to the Catholic Telegraph. The subscriptions are paid for out of the assessment our parish gives to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Donations received in the “Catholic Telegraph” envelope help to defray the subscription cost. Tuition Assistance donations assist qualifying parish families with the cost of grade school Catholic education. These envelopes mentioned above may be placed in the collection with weekly donations.

A second collection is taken up for our parish St. Vincent de Paul Conference whenever a fifth Sunday occurs in a month, which will be this month, on January 28th and 29th.