Questions/Ideas for Beacons Pathway Team

The Beacons of Light Pathway Team for the Queen of Apostles Family of Parishes (formerly known as S-4) is looking for questions and topics for consideration to help them focus on items that are important to our clergy, staff, and parishioners. These inquiries and ideas can be placed in the Sunday collection basket in an envelope marked “Beacons Pathway Team” or via the form on our website (go to

The Beacons Pathway Team is a group of parish leaders led by the pastor to serve during the first Phase of Beacons of Light to commence planning and implementation in support of the Family mission to save souls. They will provide assistance, support, and consultation for the pastor and lead efforts and initiatives to bring the Family together to build up our faith community. Our team, chosen by the pastor, is comprised of staff and parishioners of Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR), Our Lady of the Valley (OLV), St. James of the Valley (STJ), and St. Matthias the Apostle (STM) who see the unification of this Family of Parishes as a priority. (Parameter 3, Beacons of Light)